Our Mentor Mandli

Our mentors are the key to fast-tracking our clients. Mentors have the advice to help you avoid the potholes and the contacts to open doors for you

Sangeeta Godbole

IRS - Director General, Services Export Promotion Council

Maneck Davar

Managing Director, Spenta Multimedia

Rajiv Chilaka

Founder and Managing Director, Green Gold Animation

Baldev Singh IAS

Zonal Development Commissioner SEEPZ-Special Economic Zone Govt. of India

Ketan Mehta

Chairman, Maya Movies Pvt Ltd

Ankur Bhasin

Secretary Media and Entertainment Association of India

Biren Ghose

Country Head, Technicolor

Dinesh Gupta

Director , Sacom Mediaworks

Hitendra Merchant

Director, Yoboho New Media

Madhava Reddy Yathan

CEO Founder, Rotomaker India Pvt Ltd

Manoj Mishra

CEO, DQ Entertainment International Ltd

N Vidyasagar

Editor, Pickle Media Pvt Ltd

Prashant Chothani

CEO, Travelxp

Rachna Kanwar

COO, Jagran Prakashan Limited

Shambhoo Phalke

Vice President Business Development – Animation Anibrain

Tejonidhi Bhandare

COO, Raliance Animation


Animation studios are spread across the major media service hubs of India. Indian companies have been able to demonstrate their ability to deliver from script to screen. Over the years, Indian animation studios have built a strong production pipeline, skilled professionals and robust infrastructure. Over the last two decades Indian companies have delivered quality work - month after month, year after year. In 2D, 3D and CGI, Indian animation production studios and production talent have had the privilege of working with global majors like Disney, WB, DreamWorks, Sony, Viacom/Nick, BBC, Cartoon Network, EA, Fox, Rockstar, Square Enix Ubisoft and Zynga among several others. The industry has gained rapid momentum and is set to witness a boom in the future.


A co-production is a joint venture between two or more different production companies for the purpose of producing a feature film, animation, TV, Web show or series. It gives an opportunity for filmmakers of different countries to come together and make films under bilateral co-production agreements It is now possible for filmmakers of different countries to come together and make films under bilateral co–production agreements. Co-productions under these agreements are more beneficial to filmmakers than a purely commercial partnership between two individuals or entities. New markets and audiences would be available for the product, especially if collaborations and partnerships are between nationals of different countries.


Mobile Gaming is becoming the new entertainment frontier and is cutting across all age groups and genders as it is amazing channel for short duration instant entertainment, and India has been one of the fastest growing mobile gaming market by downloads globally. Indian Gaming is home grown talent pool with small share of talent pool benefiting from the presence of the global gaming companies. But in recent times, the industry has seen emergence of highly vibrant and good quality developer ecosystem with over 300 gaming startups being present in India. Game design sensibilities and depth has shown significant improvement over last couple of years by local talent pool being employed and trained in global gaming companies lie Zynga, EA, and Ubisoft etc.


Danny Boyle’s Life of Pi won the VFX Oscar and two studios that worked on the film - Rhythm n’ Hues and MPC - both having used a substantial number of their team members in India. Studios like Prime Focus, Anibrain, Tool Box, Maya, Red Chillies have been instrumental in altering the Hollywood perception that only US-based studios excelled in visual effects. India’s contribution to Hollywood movies is well known - the last two Harry Potter films, Pirates of the Caribbean, Percy Jackson, Life of Pi, Skyfall, Prometheus, The Jungle Book, Blade Runner have all used India talent. This has been enabled as larger studios have extended their pipelines and proprietary tool sets and software to India.

Who should participate?


Professionals, entrepreneurs, companies, suppliers associated with the Media & Entertainment technology industry will all be there at the grand show in Mumbai.